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Sunday, 21 June 2020


As you know my friends if you want to monetize your youtube videos; you have to meet some requirements on your channel before you apply for the YouTube partner program.
  1. Follow all the YouTube monetization policies in order to potentially earn money on YouTube.
  2. Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  4. Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Have a linked AdSense account.
What it means to get 4000 public watch hours in the last 12 months?
Something important to mention about 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months, is that if you have a YouTube channel for over a year and a half and you just achieved 4000 hours watch time that doesn’t mean that you will get monetized because the 4000 hours should be in the last 365 days.
By the way, when YouTube says in the last 12 months that doesn’t mean a year such as 2019 or 2020; or from January till December.  It means the last 12 months from where you are today to the same date as the last year. For example, we are in June, 19, 2020 so YouTube will count watch time from this date until June 19, 2019.
I got 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time, what is next?
After meeting YouTube monetization requirements which are getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours public watch time watch. YouTube gives you the ability to apply for monetization. So you click on it and follow the instructions on the next page. The first thing is to review partner program terms and click on accept it. The second step is to sign up for Google AdSense and link it to the YouTube channel. for me, I have already a Google AdSense account I just provided them with my AdSense account email and after many hours they verify it .the last step which is the important one, starts automatically after complete the 1 and 2 steps. This step is reviewing the channel by YouTube to make sure it complies with the YouTube monetization policies.
How long it takes before my channel to be accepted or denied by youtube?
Honestly, there is no standard about that. For me, it takes only two days before I got a notification from YouTube telling me that my channel was accepted in the YouTube partner program. But I’m sure there are other you tubers who waited for more than one month to get an answer.                                           
How can I know if my channel is accepted or denied?
As I said before after a specific period you will get a notification telling you that your channel whether accepted in the YouTube partner program or denied. In case it was denied you will get in this notification reasons why your channel was refused and what to do for making things right in the next time to apply for monetization.
What to do after your channel being accepted for monetization?
Simply when you monetize your channel you should go to your channel videos and manually activate monetization on each video.  Because YouTube doesn’t activate monetization automatically, it is you who should choose each video to be monetized.
Can I choose each type of Ads to be shown on my videos?
Yes, again go to YouTube creator studio then choose channel videos and click on the $ icon then you will get 5 types of ads to overlay ads, sponsored cards, skippable video ads, and non-skippable video ads. It is better to activate all these types of ads for more revenue.

Can I get paid for views that I have before applying for monetization?
Definitely no, because you get paid for ads that are running on your videos starting from the date you monetized your channel. logically there were no ads before monetization so you will not get paid for these previous views even it over 200,000 views.
How long your video has to be to make money on YouTube?
 Videos long than 10 min perform better on YouTube and it makes more money because YouTube shows ads in the middle of these videos, unlike less than 10 min videos in which there are no ads in the middle of it. Any way you can make also money with short videos.
When can I see my revenues on my channel dashboard?
You can’t see your channel revenues immediately it delayed for 48 hours. Simply you can’t see today’s revenue until two days later.
When can I get paid?
Most YouTubers are paid via direct deposit monthly, typically on the 21st of every month. However, be warned that the eligibility of your channel to receive payment at all is at the condition of reaching the threshold of payment which is 100 $
Also, put in your mind that you can’t request your revenue .it is transferred automatically from Google AdSense to your bank account when you get the necessary threshold.

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