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Monday, 6 April 2020


A lot of YouTubers are worried if video quality matters in how YouTube rank videos. But it is well-known that YouTube takes into consideration many factors when search engines show results on the first page.  It is axiomatic that youtube will not rise videos with low-resolution quality. Depending on that point, we can say that youtube will intend to filter videos with high quality in the first search page.

From another point of view, It is 2020 and there are millions of videos uploaded to YouTube every day which makes YouTube filtering these videos depending on different characteristics. But away from YouTube perspectives, one of the techniques that are used by professional YouTubers to increase their views and subscribers is uploading videos with high-resolution settings to YouTube. Simply you can verify this by searching for something on YouTube then you will see the results. Videos with high-quality resolution will rank on the first page of YouTube. That’s why from this moment you should avoid uploading your videos in low resolutions.

Before I show the settings that you should follow to upload 4k or high-resolution videos, you should make a view to the picture below. It shows the available resolutions in one of my youtube channel videos.  As you see, my video is available in all possible resolutions such as 4k and 2k and 1080p. Which will make YouTube search engines show my videos in the first pages.

How to upload 4k videos?

Before we start I really prefer and recommend to use Camtasia video editor while editing your videos (which I’m going to make some tutorials about in the next days). First of all, open your video editor. Before start editing your video, go to your Project Settings and check your Canvas Dimensions. Then You will choose the first options which are 4k UHD

In case this option is not available in your video editor, you will click again on project settings then you will set your dimensions for yourself. You will choose  Custom Dimensions, then you will type the resolution you desire. And you can use this chart which shows all possible qualities with its resolutions.

For example, if you want a 4k quality video you will type 2160 pixels in height and 3840 pixels in width. And if you want a 1080p quality you will type 1080 in height and 1920 in width.

By the way, the resolution you choose for your video will be the high one in your video after you upload it to YouTube. Also, your video will be available in all other resolutions below the chosen one. For example, you have chosen 1080p, which means that your video will be also available in 720; 480 p; 360p; 240p and 144p.

After you have finished editing your video you will have to move to the last step which is to produce your video. This is the most important step because here you should choose the right options to produce your video in 4k quality.

So you will click on share or whatever icon you have in your video editor. Then choose custom production settings so that the video will be produced in the dimension you have already chosen in project settings. After that, choose video quality and set it on high quality than click on next to choose a title for your video and click on finish.

But one important notice to put in your mind is; the size of your video will be higher ten times than the usual size of your videos. And it will take some time to be uploaded to YouTube.

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