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Saturday, 18 April 2020


You can discover in this video how to use youtube creative commons content to increase your watch hours. It is very easy, all that you have to do is to look for long videos with youtube creative commons licence then download it to your devices. After that, you will upload it to your youtube channel.
In this video, you will learn how to do it step by step:

Hello dear friends. Today we will see together how to use long videos to achieve 4000 watch hours as soon as possible.
I’m sure you are wondering how to make long videos and who is going to watch it. Don’t worry, You are not going to make any long video because all what you have to don is to download these videos. There are millions of free videos in YouTube that you can re-use in your channel and Google AdSense will accept it and you will monetize it easily.

The second thing is who will watch these videos, it easy real people will watch these videos as they watch other videos.
The idea is simply that you will download long videos about calm music or rain sounds or birds singing….extra. Then you will get huge number of watch hours.

Just imagine if you uploaded a video with a length of 4 hours. Then, 1000 viewers watched this video to the end. It means simply that you get 4000 public watch hours as easy as possible. Wonderful.

So now let us go to the disk top to see how to do it step by step. First step, we will go to YouTube.Then we will search for rain sounds or calm music. That’s wonderful we will get these results. The second step is that we will click on FILTER in which we will find search settings. We will go to features and we will click on creative commons.

Why creative commons?

Creative Commons provides free licenses that creators can use in order to make their work available to the public. With the creative commons licenses, the creator has basically given others permission in order to re-use their work. In other words all videos then you will get after you click on creative commons are totally free to use.

The next step is to click again on filter then choose long videos. Now you will randomly click on one of the videos then after it appears you will download it using your download programme. If you don’t have any download programme in your laptop or smartphone you can use SAVEFROM.NET method .you will go to the search bar then you will replace all this part by two (S) letters. You will get a new window in which you will choose the quality you want to download your video. Finally, you will click on download.

Congratulations, now you will have to upload your video to your YouTube channel.

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