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Thursday, 16 April 2020


A lot of beginner YouTubers are struggling to get new subscribers every day. Unfortunately, they face many obstacles that prevent them from growing their youtube channels. Today we will see together one of the easiest ways to get free subscribers for your channel. It is a very easy method and totally free, but it depends on how much time and hard work you will spend on this method which will help you to get over 100 subscribers every day.

YouTube comments can minimize all your efforts to increase your audience. Because it will not only help you to get new subscribers, but it will provide you with a considerable number of views likes and maybe shares for your content. It will help you to get in direct contact with other youtube creators who are in need to grow their channels. the idea is very simple, you will collaborate with these YouTubers to increase your channel audience.

The question right now is very clear, how can I get subscribers from youtube comments? Don't worry it is very simple. You will search on youtube for videos about increasing subscribers, I'm sure there is an unlimited number of such these videos. Then you will choose one of the videos with a high number of comments. when you check these comments you will discover that most of it are about exchanging subscriptions, subscribe to my channel then I subscribe to yours. As I said before easy and simple, and when you give someone your subscription reply to his comment saying "done" and he/she will do the same.

Just imagine if you did this for 1 hour and you give the subscription for 100 channel, that means you will get also 100 subscribers for your youtube channel. I assure that you will find in the youtube comments a vast number of creators who are waiting for you to collaborate with them to grow on youtube together.

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