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Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Dear friends, Again a new topic on our website. Today there is a big surprise for all beginner YouTubers who are struggling to complete YouTube's 4000 public watch hours. What if I tell you that you can do it for your self without the need for anyone to watch your videos or play it on YouTube?

It is possible and very easy just keep reading for the next 2 minutes and you will understand everything. I’m sure you will get your 4000 public watch hours as soon as possible.

I’m sure you know Val Valentine or the masked magicians and how he revealed magic biggest secrets. I really believe that I’m playing the same role, not in magic but on YouTube with a little difference, I don’t have the beautiful ladies who worked with him on my side. Anyways, that wouldn't make any difference at all.

So in our website and also in our YouTube channel, we have already revealed many secrets of how to increase YouTube subscribers even with “0” subscriber. This time we are going to reveal another secret which is how to get 4000 public watch hours just for yourself without waiting for anyone to play your videos on YouTube. I know you may see it very complicated but it is so easy as the famous idiom says (a piece of cake).

As you see the picture (below) this is my channel analytics for the last 90 days. The first part is before I use my magical method. There were no watch hours but after I apply my method of increasing my channel’s watch hours. There was a big change in my statistics concerning public watch hours. Every day I get a huge number of watch hours.

how I did it?

Simply choose one of your internet browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox or brave. And I really recommend using Brave browser. Then go to your history and clear all-time history. After that, you will open a new private window then look for DUCKDUCKGO navigator.

You may ask why this browser? Simply because it gives you an anonymous search and it hides your VPN from YouTube systems and it in every time it gives you a different USA VPN. So YouTube systems consider any new view from this navigator as a new view, not a repeated one so they calculate it in your watch hours.

After you set Duckduckgo as your navigator open YouTube than look for your channel videos. After that, open each video in a new tab then remove auto-play and go to video quality settings and choose 144 pixels. Then let all videos until it finished then repeat the same action.

  1. Clear history
  2. Open a new private window
  3. Open DUCKDUCKGO navigator
  4. Then play each video in a new tab.
I’m sure the next day you will be totally shocked by the huge number of public watch hours you get from this method. Maybe, a number of hours which you have never ever imagined to get for your channel in one day.