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Sunday, 23 February 2020


Subpals is a website that deals with social media marketing platforms. They offer everything you need in terms of social media services such as; subscribers and views to comments, likes, and followers. Most importantly is they deal with all types of customers, it doesn't matter if you are a professional influencer who can invest money to get more audience or you are just a beginner who doesn't have any dollar to start a campaign. simply, Subpals has many forms of plans, and you can choose each one that is appropriate for you. there are prepaid plans in which you can activate your plan automatically by investing a monthly amount of money. Also, there is a free plan for beginners in which they have to manually activate their plans. what makes Subpals nice and efficient is simply the ability of same-day delivery for their orders.

Subpals also offers a privacy policy and terms of use that you can read through on their website. they offer an opportunity to refill if there is any drop on your orders.this means that there is a low-risk choice comparing to other sites offering the same services. Even these pros for their services I highly recommend that you read their terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Concerning their service quality, Subpals promises their clients that their audience will stick to your social media channels and profiles. And It will interact with your content, which is what you need to attract even more people to your accounts.

But the question right now is about how to start with Subpals. Simply you will visit their website, then you’ll be asked to register. Once you’ve done this, you can accept Subpals terms and conditions, and then you will be able to access your account. After you register you will be able to choose from four different plans, one of these plans is free while the others are prepaid plans. 

My opinion: scam or real?

To be honest there a big controversy between professional YouTubers, some says that it is legitimate to use such these websites to increase social media audience. but others saying it is illegitimate to use such a way to grow up your audience.
Now it is time to express my opinion about Subpals if it is real or just a scam. First of all, you can use Subpals without any fears for all social media platforms except YouTube that prevents using such methods of increasing the channel audience.
Either you use Subpals' free plan or prepaid one, you are violating youtube terms of service. This will cause big harm for your youtube channel and you will probably be kicked out from the YouTube partner program if your channel had already accessed it. 
you may ask why? 
Simply if you are using the free plan you will have to exchange subscribers with other users. YouTube clearly prevents all types of exchanging subscriptions and it removes all subscribers gained from that action. And if you are using prepaid plan it means simply that you are buying an audience which is also against youtube terms and conditions.

The link of Subpals official website:


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